Why I Do It – My Background

I graduated from Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in 1983 with a degree in
Three-dimensional design involving the use of woods, metals, plastics and ceramics” – a bit of a mouthful, that was later shortened to “Product Design with Applied Graphics”. This fantastic grounding in the properties and applied uses of different materials, together with sound analytical design practice, has stayed with me to this day.

In 1984 I co-founded Space Logic Design Consultants where I designed and developed advanced product concepts, electronic musical instruments and professional studio equipment for individual musicians and manufacturers including Fostex, Trident, Roland, and Yamaha.

Notable products: Award winning SECK portable mixer range; Roland AX-1 ‘Keytar’; Roland Pad-5; initial concept development of ‘Groovebox’, Arranger and D-Beam type products; multi-track mixing consoles for Trident .

I have always been interested in the ergonomics of user interaction and GUI design. I began experimenting with interactive digital media in the early 1990s to illustrate new electronics-based products and how people might use them. This interface design work later led me to create multimedia presentations including video, animation and web based projects for sales and marketing, conferences and exhibitions.

In 1999 I set up the creative design agency Emanuel Leggo with Anouk Emanuel where I take the lead on projects related to consumer products, brand identity, applied graphics and GUI / digital design.